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Textured Sphere Candle | Pure White

Textured Sphere Candle | Pure White

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Our Full Moon textured sphere candles are hand-poured at low temperature to create a dramatic texture. Harness the energy of the full moon, and ground yourself through the moon’s illumination.

Part of our Lunar collection, our Moon candles burn with a mesmerising glow through all the lunar phases, from full moon to new moon.

All our candles are poured from the finest quality wax. Smoke- and drip-free, they are finished with a natural wick for a clean & calm burn.

Our large ivory white sphere candles are great for creating a contemporary and elegant setting. Made from high-quality ingredients, our white candles come in a range of sizes and styles. Browse our collection today and find the perfect warm white candle

 Fragrance free
• Burn time: 45 hrs
• Dimensions: 10 cm (D x H)
• Colour: Warm White
• Wax type: Fully refined mineral wax
• Wick: 100% cotton
• Smoke & drip free: our candles are designed to burn evenly all the way down. Keep out of draft

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