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Murchison Hume

Pot Brush

Pot Brush

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This brush is suitable for almost anything in the sink. The handle fits nicely in your palm and allows for optimum scrubbing with or without dish gloves, and the stiff Mexican Palm Fiber bristles are strong enough to tackle baking pans and still safe for your best dishes. When the bristles start to wear down, you can give it a second life as a bathroom scrubber before you finally chuck it into the compost.

  • SAFE FOR ENAMEL, NON-STICK, AND CAST-TRON COOKWARE: Our pot-scrubber has ultra-strong, heat-resistant bristles designed for heavy-duty cleaning on multiple surfaces without scratching or damage to the 
  • MORE HYGENIC THAN A SPONGE: Say goodbye to the bacteria farm on your dish sponge! Sponges are prone to trapping and retaining germs, mold, and unpleasant odours. A Scrub Brush is more hygienic, better-looking, and easier to use than a
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The handle of our pot brush is designed to fit neatly in your hand for a comfortable grip and optimal scrubbing power that makes doing dishes faster and
  • GUILT-FREE CLEANING: Crafted from Mexican Palm fibre and wood, this dish brush is a more sustainable alternative to synthetic sponges or plastic brushes for effective cleaning without contributing to micro-plastics polluting the ocean or
  • SUSTAINABLE STYLE: Our zero-waste, 100% compostable Pot Scrubber is an essential kitchen tool. It’s aesthetic enough to display in any designer kitchen. The compostable materials make a handsome sink-side statement you can feel good about.

Materials: Made from Mexican Palm fiber and wood. This product is 100% compostable and readily biodegradable. 0.15 lbs (2.4oz)

Dimensions:  8.5 cm long x 6 cm diameter (3.35in long x 2.40in diameter).

Made in China exclusively for Murchison-Hume.

Because the wood has many pores, it is easy to accumulate moisture, bacteria, dirt and mildew. Therefore, to prolong the life of your pit brush follow the following cleaning and maintenance guidelines.

Do not soak brushes or leave them in water.

Dry immediately after cleaning. It is recommended to dry the washed wooden brush with a dish cloth or teatowel immediately, then put it in a cool and ventilated place and dry it naturally. 

Store in a cool and dry place, so that cracking is less likely to occur.

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