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Le Marke

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar

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The most refined Balsamic Vinegar we’ve encountered, sourced from Northern Italian Trebbiano grapes and barrel-aged for 15 years. Holding a flavor and complexity distinct to age and time, it's at once smooth, sultry, and elegantly sweet (sans intervention or the addition of added sugars). 

Housed in our signature Le Marké glass vessel, the wooden-capped bottle is designed to preserve its freshness and flavor. This vinegar stands tall in its own right, and in our opinion is best enjoyed with the simplest of ingredients: a good loaf of bread and our organic Sicilian Olive Oil.

Our Sourcing

Affectionately named media corpo (or “middle-aged” in Italian), our refined Italian Balsamic Vinegar is sourced from Trebbiano grapes in the Northern Italy towns of Modena and Reggio—where the truest and purest forms of balsamic vinegar have been produced for over 900 years. Here, grapes are cooked and reduced over a wood-burning stove before carefully stored for 15 years in barrels of Oak, Juniper, and Cherry. 

Glass Bottle/FSC Papers + Biodegradable Packaging

Flavour Profile :

 Musty, Complex + Naturally Sweetened with notes of oak, cherry and juniper woods

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