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Once Upon An Island Coffee Table Book

Once Upon An Island Coffee Table Book

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Once upon an island - the early days of Phillip Island is the latest release from Chicory Publishing, is now in store

Originally conceived and published by the Phillip Island and San Remo Advertiser as part of the celebrations to mark 150 years of European settlement, the stories in Once upon an island, chart the history of Phillip Island from 1868.

Those early settlers were hardy folks – there were no houses, no roads, no ferry, no jetty, no schools, no doctor nor a hospital. These are the stories of their perseverance, triumphs and tribulations and  of those that followed them.

Come join us on a journey across time and place, for tales tall and true that all took place Once upon an island.

Once upon an island is the second release from Chicory Publishing, following the successful (and sold out) Over the Bridge - farms and restaurants of Phillip Island and beyond.

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