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Kuno Ring | Amethyst

Kuno Ring | Amethyst

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The Kuno – Amethyst (rg145)

There’s something very ancient looking about this ring (and its brass sister). So it has been aptly named the Kuno – Balinese for ancient.

A chunky silver band and oval bezel holds a beautiful baguette cut amethyst gem. Two brass posts sit either side of the bezel.

When this ring is worn ‘stand alone’ it demands attention – but then it can also be teamed perfectly with the Kuad or Bridge ring.

(We choose to use yellow brass in our rings, rather than gold plate, because of its longevity. Brass will not colour fade or wear. We encourage our customers to wear their via SMiTH rings everywhere, all the time.)


The RG145 comes in four sizes:

Large – US 9 / AUST R ½ (18.9MM Dia)

Medium – US 7.5 / AUST O ½ (17.7mm Dia)

Small – US 6 / AUST L ½ (16.5mm Dia)

Size :  Ring band 3mm, oval bezel width 15mm x 8mm

Amethyst baguette 8mm x 5mm

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