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Kabrit Scarf | Cocoa

Kabrit Scarf | Cocoa

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Cosy up in colour.

The Kabrit Scarf has exaggerated fringe details at each end, and is knitted in a cosy yarn.

  • Exaggerated fringe details for added interest
  • Knitted in a cosy yarn
  • 200cm in length and 40cm in width
  • In warm brown and bright yellow colourways


50% Wool 30% Alpaca 20% Hemp

This knitted blend has temperature regulating qualities, with wool retaining warmth when needed, while remaining cool and breathable on the body.

Alpaca creates a fluffy finish for that cosy, comfortable feel.

Alpaca is generally farmed using lower impact traditional methods. Their soft hooves reduce the amount of soil erosion caused from alpaca farming, allowing for minimal damage to the land used for farming.

Hemp has a beautiful, natural texture similar to linen. Modern production techniques result in a hemp fibre that is soft while still very strong and durable. Hemp requires minimal water, fertilisers or pesticides to grow, making it a more environmentally responsible option.

The wool used in this blend is responsibly farmed and verified non-mulesed.

The fibres used in this blend are renewable and biodegradable.



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