Aroma Diffuser - Raindrop Bamboo

Aroma Diffuser - Raindrop Bamboo

Enjoy the subtle mist of our Bamboo Raindrop Ultrasonic Diffuser which comes with a large tank of 300 ml. Seven colour LED lighting helps you to match any space with this beautiful diffuser. Use your favorite fragrance and set a peaceful ambience at home any time during the day. The dark wood design brings in earthy colours to your living spaces

Water Tank capacity: 300 ml
Size: H 16cm  W 16cm
Running Time: 1 hr, 3 hrs, 6 hrs and On - Mist High 12+ hrs and Mist Low 14+ hrs
Light : The LED light has 7 colours & you can set it for automatic change or completely switch it off
Available Colours : Dark wood