Child Necklace / Amber Love

Child Necklace / Amber Love


100% Baltic Amber beads, semiprecious stones, cotton thread, synthetic plastic clasp with screw thread. 33cm long

Baltic Amber is a natural tree resin that has fossilized over many centuries. Found around the Baltic sea region, it has long been used throughout many European countries in folk medicine for numerous ailments. Each amber bead is individually knotted for quality and safety assurance.

Baltic amber is considered to assist in soothing red inflamed cheeks and gums, often associated with teething.

Amber warms to the touch and exudes a nice, relaxing fragrance in the palm of your hand. It is also the only fossil resin that contains 3-8% succinic acid (mostly located in the amber’s surface layer), which is a therapeutic substance with many applications for healing.

We suggest they can be worn anywhere from 3 months to approximately 7 years of age.

There is a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee on Amber Love's amber necklaces.

4 Designs to choose from: